What We Do


We are Formulators of Natural Ingredients.  Innate offers a full product design and formulation service. We endeavor to tick every box on your wish list, by formulating products that translate your vision.


All of Innates formulations are original and of the best quality. We carry our ethics and values into every product range. Innate products are free of all nasty chemicals. They are natural, sustainably sourced and cruelty free. We encourage our clients to consider commissioning products from us that are also palm free, organic and vegan.


At Innate we thrive on a challenge. Through an innovative approach and by thinking outside the box, we are proud to have achieved several remarkable industry ground-breaking results.


How We Work

After contacting us for an initial consultation and discussion, we will assess your specific project requirements and get back to you with recommendations and an outline of the best way forward.

This will include:

  • Formulation details
  • Approximate development and testing timelines
  • Project management outline


Terms of Engagement

Engagement terms will depend on the project, its scope, size and the degree of ongoing involvement required by Innate Brands,

The options available include:

  • Development fee
  • Project hourly rate
  • Licensing fee (To utilise Innate’s natural delivery system)
  • One-off project fee
  • Royalty Fees (where applicable)

Payment arrangements will be negotiated prior to work commencing.