At INNATE BRANDS, whether you need FORMULATIONS, NATURAL DELIVERY SYSTEMS, RAW INGREDIENTS, or PROBLEM SOLVING, we've got you covered.  We work with our customers throughout NEW ZEALAND and GLOBALLY to ensure that their FORMULATION needs are met. So what can we help with? Take a look at our main services below...



From simple NATURAL/ORGANIC FORMULATIONS to more complex science savy FORMULATIONS, tell us your vision and we will take it from conception to market ready.

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Problem Solving










If you have existing concerns and issues with your formulations, we can help you find a SOLUTION.


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Natural Delivery Systems


The INNATE YOU® patent pending NATURAL DELIVERY SYSTEM is a natural way to deliver natures most HYDROPHOBIC ACTIVE INGREDIENTS into AQUEOUS bases.

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Raw Ingredients


ETHICAL, EFFECTIVE, AFFORDABLE, NATURAL and ORGANIC QUALITY INGREDIENTS, sold separately or premade into base products for you.

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How Can We Help?

If you're interested in FORMULATING, PROBLEM SOLVING, DELIVERY SYSTEMS OR RAW INGREDIENTS, we'd love to hear from you. E-mail us on contact@innate.co.nz