What’s the Innate difference?

In the Innate laboratory we have developed a natural way to deliver natures most hydrophobic active ingredients into aqueous bases. This means that these most powerful active extracts that have been historically too difficult to work with are now able to be harnessed and dispersed into product with ease and outstanding effect. Until Innate You®, scientists have found it necessary to synthetically transport or mimic nature rendering product unnatural.

Innate has solved a critical problem in, but not limited to the cosmetic and personal care, animal heath and food and beverage industries.

With Innate technology these important global industries are able to cross the barrier into the 100% Natural realm with integrity and confidence.


What are the unique aspects of the Innate You® Delivery System?

  • Breaking down difficult/solid hydrophobic ingredients 100% Naturally
  • Once in the delivery system, active ingredients can be added to your product in any phase of production ie. Water, oil, under heat or stirred into cold finished product.
  • The Innate You® System can deliver most combinations of hydrophobic and hydrophilic active ingredients into product.
  • The Innate You® Delivery System is specifically beneficial when the hydrophobic ingredient is in its raw state is non fluid and unable to be dispersed. i.e. resinous extracts such as Totarol, and solid granular actives or waxy extracts.
  • Synergizing hydrophobic and hydrophilic actives for customer specified unique and purposeful active combinations.
  • Blending unique combinations of hydrophobic and hydrophilic actives with an aim to achieve scientifically proven results ie. Wound healing, cellular migration, collagen boosting.

Natural Preserving Solutions

Innate technology has solved an age old problem, using Innates patent pending delivery system, a collaboration of selected natural antimicrobials can be delivered into product easily, using  hurdle technology to preserve product safely and naturally.